Open Doors Engadin - Mili Weber Museum


29 June 2024

14:00 - 15:00

30 June 2024

11:00 - 12:00
Mili Weber Museum, Via Dimlej 35, St. Moritz

Architecture walk - open doors in the Engadin and Bergell

The Mili Weber Museum The small house on the edge of the forest with a wide view of the lake and mountains was built by Mili Weber's brother Emil in 1917 as a log building on a stone base. On the upper floor, the massive walls with funnel windows and bay windows typical of the Engadin are interlocked with the chalet type. The building inventory of the municipality of St. Moritz identifies the building as worthy of protection and also attributes a high situational value to it in conjunction with the neighboring rustic small buildings on Via Dimlej 37 and 39, also designed by Emil Weber.

The Foundation The "Mili Weber Foundation St. Moritz" was founded by the artist herself in 1974. The Mili Weber Foundation owns the artist's house with original furniture and the associated hay barn, manger and garden, the artist's extensive estate, consisting of drawings, watercolors, oil paintings, manuscripts, song compositions and dollhouse, as well as the flower paintings and handcrafted objects of her half-sister Anna Haller and numerous sketchbooks, plans and small objects of her brothers Emil and Otto Weber.

With Dr. phil. Leza Dosch, art and architecture historian.

The main focus is on the architecture of the Mili Weber Museum, which was built by Emil Weber in 1917. Emil Weber was a cabinet maker and architect and from 1905 - around 1945 was employed by Nicolaus Hartmann junior in St. Moritz. Guided tour with a focus on the work of Emil Weber.

Meeting point: in front of the house

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