Live Reportage: Kailash Tibet – Rolwaling Nepal


16 March 2024

20:00 - 21:30
Municipal hall, Celerina

Live reportage in the Celerina community hall.

In September 2023, Toni Spirig was in Tibet with an international team.

This time, he was accompanied by pilgrims, as there is no permit to climb the sacred mountain. Circumnavigating Mount Kailash and crossing the 5650-metre-high Dolma-La is considered the highlight of the believers' lives. This was followed by treks with 6000-metre ascents in Nepal's Rolwaling Himal.

He returned home from the Himalayas with fascinating pictures and videos.

His live report shows impressive scenes from the expedition with strange encounters beyond the horizon. The unique multimedia presentation takes us into adventurous mountain worlds.

Admission is free.

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