«La Milanesiana»


09 August 2024

Hotel Reine Victoria, Theatre Hall, St. Moritz

The Milanesiana Letteratura Musica Cinema was founded in 2000 in Milan on the initiative and under the direction of Elisabetta Sgarbi.

Since its first edition, it has been a great "laboratory of excellence" for literature, cinema, music, art, science and philosophy. Its project is to link the various sciences and arts, bringing to Milan the international leaders of the cultural and scientific world: Nobel Prize winners in literature, Nobel Prize winners in science, Oscar winners in cinema, musicians who have received important international awards. Over the years it has increasingly expanded its fields of activity: while in the first editions La Milanesiana only included literature, music and cinema, today it includes: science, art, philosophy, theater, law and economics. Today the Milanesiana takes place not only in Milan, but in 14 cities in Italy and now also in St. Moritz.

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