KulturPasta December


13 December 2023

Château Papillon des Arts, Via Foppas 15, St. Moritz
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Every 1st Wednesday of the month. For all cultural actors and culture lovers. Cross-industry (art, music, architecture...). From Upper & Lower Engadine, Bergell, Puschlav & Val Müstair.

Every 1st Wednesday of the month. As a "Culture Salon" we would like with the Château Papillon to catalyze the networking and exchange of ideas among all cultural actors and culture lovers of the Engadin.
So that everyone has a face of each other, and that beyond their own industry (art, music, architecture….). We want thus to foster cross-pollination.
It is also important to us that the 5 cultural valleys, which are separated from each other politically and in terms of tourism, finally blend together. That is why the invitation goes to all cultural players from the Upper & Lower Engadine, Bergell, Puschlav & Val Müstair.
In the region, people mostly know each other in their branch of artists, gallerists, musicians, architects… but only when the exchange takes place across clusters will the culturally fertile soil of the Engadin be planted one step further and one can hope for new symbioses or ideas that arise in this framework of a cozy "Culture Salon" around a delicious pasta.

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The legendary Cinema Scala St. Moritz is open again. The TIME Magazine has listed St. Moritz among the 50 World's Greatest Places of 2023. At the new Hotel Grace La Margna modernity meets history and lifestyle meets tradition.The new exhibition at the St. Moritz Design Gallery displays photos from the 1920s, which have been colored using artificial intelligence.