Health & Longevity Forum St.Moritz - Forging the future of Longevity

19 September 2024 - 22 September 2024

19 September 2024

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20 September 2024

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21 September 2024

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Hotel Suvretta House, St. Moritz

Experience the Health and Longevity Forum St. Moritz, a holistic exploration of health and longevity.

Engage and network with the global industry leaders, savor culinary excellence by Michelin-starred and Green Star-awarded Chefs, and enjoy a world-class private concert.

The Health and Longevity Forum St. Moritz launches as a pioneer in 'Forging the Future of Longevity,' driving the pivotal quest to understand and master the aging process. Have we discovered the 'Fountain of Youth'? Over three transformative days, attendees will delve into advanced biological research on aging genetics and holistic wellness, covering nutrition, fitness, sleep, and mental health. They will engage and network with global leaders in longevity, blending cutting-edge science with holistic practices. They will indulge in the unparalleled dining experiences crafted by three renowned Michelin-starred and Green Star-awarded celebrity chefs and enjoy an exclusive private concert by a world-class performer.

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