Guided tour of the Sils Museum

19 December 2023 - 02 April 2024

19 December 2023


26 December 2023


02 January 2024

Sils Museum, Via da Marias 110, Sils

Guided tour of the SILS MUSEUM and the special exhibition "The picturesque mountain".

The former Andrea Robbi Museum continues to be dedicated to the work of the painter and draughtsman from Sils. In future, however, exhibitions will increasingly focus on local and regional cultural themes. One example is the current special exhibition:

The picturesque mountain

The exhibition presents mountain landscapes in the form of paintings, watercolours and drawings by artists who either come from the Grisons mountain region and/or in whose work the Upper Engadin or Bergell play an important role.

Cuntredgias da/ Landscapes by/paesaggi di

Cuno Amiet, Maria Bass, Otto Dix, Giovanni Giacometti, Samuele Giovanoli, Anne Loch, Elvezia Michel, Erica Pedretti, Giuliano Pedretti, Turo Pedretti, Leta Peer, Clara Porges, Bruno Ritter, Andrea Robbi, Martin Ruch e/and Carl Albert von Salis-Soglio.

Las cuntredgias da l'Engiadina attiran già daspö lönch a pitturas e pittuors. Their oeuvres reveal their affection for the natural world, their enthusiasm for glistening peaks and reflective lakes and their picturesque adventures. Üna festa da culuors chi do invistas surprendentas illas perspectivas differas sülla cuntredgia alpina da las artistas e dals artists indigens scu eir da quels gnieus notiers.

The landscapes of the Engadin and Bergell have long exerted a great attraction on painters. Their works are an expression of their connection with the mountain world, their enthusiasm for glowing peaks and reflective lakes, and their painterly adventures. A celebration of colour that offers surprising insights into the different perspectives on the alpine landscape of artists who are rooted here and those who have travelled here.

For a long time, the Engadin and Bergell landscapes have exerted a great fascination on painters. Their works express a deep connection with the mountains, their enthusiasm for the bright mountain peaks, the views reflected in the lakes and their pictorial adventure. This feast of colours offers us a surprising insight into the different perspectives of the Alpine panorama proposed by the artists from home and abroad.

Museum opening hours

14 December 2023 until 7 April 2024 Tuesday to Sunday, 16.00-18.00 hrs

Public guided tours: Tuesdays, 19 December 2023 to 2 April 2024

Information Sils Museum, T +41 44 242 37 27, [email protected],

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Admission Adults CHF 16.00


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