Festival da Jazz: Lisa Berg


25 July 2024

17:00 - 18:30
Cresta Palace, Celerina

The Festival da Jazz takes place for the 17th time this summer.

Elegant, seductive, with a touch of grandeur and decadence, combined with subtle humor that offers a different, bearable view of the world.

With mischievous melancholy, Lisa Berg conjures everyday tragedies, intoxicating states, and mountain adventures with her touching, radiant chanson voice.

The secret queen of German chansons stands in a long tradition of great names: Edith Piaf, Paul Burkhard, or Georg Kreisler, all have left their unmistakable marks, especially her mentor Topsy Küppers.

For simple concert tickets, click on "Book Online" above.

Additionally, there is a package offer for the entire evening at the Cresta Palace:

Lisa Berg Concert – Dinner at Asia 75 – Jazz Lounge 1920 Concert. Tickets for this package can be found here.

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