Engadin Festival in Sils - Musica Antiqua Latina


07 August 2024

Open Church, Via da Marias 93, St. Moritz

Musica Antiqua Latina: Ottomania – Venice and the Orient in the 17th century

The series of ensembles specializing in baroque music continues in the Open Church of Sils. After trips to the Café Zimmermann in Leipzig and to the court of Frederick the Great in Berlin in recent years, this time the journey goes to Venice and the Orient in the 17th century. The ensemble Musica Antiqua Latina shows the diverse connections between East and West: the Greek lyre in Venice under the influence of the great oriental empires. : Sonata in canto e basso continuo (Venice, 1623) Wojciech Bobowski - Alī Ufqī Bey – alias Albertus Bobovius (1610-1675): Nikriz Pesrev Dimitrie Kantemir (1673-1723): The masterpiece Hüseynī Sakīl and Ağa Rıżā - Anonymous Dario Castello (1590-1658): Sonata II a canto e basso da «Sonate concertate in stil moderno. Book based on one, two, three, four voices and basso continuo (Venice 1629)» Giovanni Battista Toderini (Venice 1787) / Mençhuk Mansur Ney: Concerto Turkish nominato Izia Semaisi Hicaz Son Yuruk Semai Codex Caioni (Transylvania, 1646): Chorea Buhurizade Mustafa Itri (1640-1712): Buselik Beste Biagio Marini (1594-1663): Carul cu boi (tradit.Romania) / Hatikvah/ La mantovana / Sonata sopra Fuggi Dolente Core of «Sonata, Symphonies, Songs, Pass'emezzi, Ballets, Corenti, For any type of instrument»

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