Cresta Run: Grand National


17 February 2024

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Cresta Run, St. Moritz

The first Grand National took place in 1885, making it the world´s oldest winter sports competition. 21 riders compete not only for honour and glory, but also for the right to wear the club colours (burgundy and yellow).

No, it isn´t normal: lying stomach-down on a metal tray with runners and throwing yourself head-first down a twisting channel of ice in pursuit of the adrenalin fix that accompanies speeds of up to 140 km/h. But normality and routine are rare to find in the Engadin winter, allowing a cheerful flamboyance and British nonchalance to set the tone at the Cresta Run, as they have for more than 125 years. To the general delight of the daredevil riders and the enthusiastic spectators, the historical St. Moritz Tobogganing Club organises thrilling races three times a week, including the legendary Grand National. The 11 fastest riders of the previous three seasons as well as the 10 fastest of the current season hurtle down the run in search of fame and glory - and perhaps the honour of being able to wear the club´s colours. Join the nail-biting action and cheer the brave riders on as they rocket around the notorious Shuttlecock corner - or as gravity and centrifugal forces spit them out.

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