Cinema Scala: JAKOBS ROSS [D/F,D]


28 February 2024


01 March 2024

Scala Cinema St. Moritz, Via Maistra 29, St. Moritz
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JAKOBS ROSS is a modern relationship and emancipation story based on the bestseller by Silvia Tschui with Luna Wedler and Max Hubacher.

The musically gifted maid Elsie dreams of a career as a musician. Not an easy endeavour in 19th century Switzerland, where violence and superstition prevail alongside the rigid social order. When Elsie becomes unwantedly pregnant by the landlord, she is forcibly married to the farmhand Jakob and sent to a poor tenant farm. Jakob has only one dream: he wants to have his own horse and become a carter. Elsie supposedly resigns herself to her fate - until the Yenish Rico appears, who fuels Elsie's dream with his music.

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