Chalandamarz in Zuoz


28 February 2024 - 01 March 2024

all day
Village square Zuoz, Zuoz

The Zuoz Chalandamarz begins on Wednesday, 28 February 2024 at midnight with the cracking of whips in front of the Plantahaus at the "Vout".

On Thursday 29 February, the boys (and most likely you too!) are woken up with loud bell ringing from 03:00 (clamer oura). At 07:00, the traditional parade begins on the village square. At 12:45 pm, the horse-drawn carriage ride to Madulain is prepared in front of the Hotel Crusch Alva, with departure at 13:00 pm.

On 1 March, the schoolchildren once again parade around the fountains, from house to house, wearing peasant blouses, pointed caps and traditional costumes, singing Chalandamarz songs with bells and whips in the early morning. From 11.00 a.m., the crowning finale is the whip-cracking on the school square!

This custom of pagan origin was once used to invoke fertility (fountains), to drive away the winter spirits of the previous year (noisy cowbells, whips) and to test the young men for mercenary service (line-up according to bell and body size).

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