Bernina Gran Turismo

14 September 2023 - 17 September 2023

14 September 2023


15 September 2023


16 September 2023

Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski, Via Mezdi 27

Bernina Gran Turismo - the world´s best mountain race for historic vehicles

The Bernina Gran Turismo was revived from 2014 by Kurt Engelhorn and Florian Seidl, with the team around Luca Moiso and Claus Müller. The aim was and is to keep alive the memory of the legendary Bernina race of 1929 and 1930. At that time the highlight of the International St. Moritz Automobile Week, the new edition of this mountain race also achieved world fame within a few years and is today rightly regarded as the best mountain race for historic vehicles.

The fine mixture of historic mobility, automobile sport, competition and modern luxury provides participants with a unique and unforgettable experience. The Bernina Gran Turismo takes place on a section of the original route on the Bernina Pass that has been specially closed for the mountain race. On the 5.7 km from La Rösa to the top of the pass there are more than 50 curves.

The fixed place in the international race calendar in September guarantees to enjoy the wonderful colors of autumn on the one hand and the roads without the heavy traffic of the main season on the other hand. The hospitality of the St. Moritz region, as well as the typical Engadine traditions, make the Bernina Gran Turismo an event that leaves nothing to be desired, not only for the drivers and their teams, but also for all guests, visitors and car enthusiasts.

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