BALINTATÁO : Arlo Jake Lagmay Solo Exhibit


19 January 2024 - 03 March 2024

Lounge, Hotel Waldhaus am See, St. Moritz

Hotel Waldhaus am See is pleased to present the first solo exhibit in St. Moritz of Basel-based Filipino Artist Arlo Jake Lagmay.

The pupil of an eye called as “balintatáo” in Filipino, also connotatively means “daydreaming”. The eye’s rods and cones are opposites but they function harmoniously to recognize light, darkness and give colours and visions. Filipino born and Basel-based architect and artist Arlo Jake Lagmay trusts that art manifests itself as the infinite field of opposing fibers of dream and reality. The collection is a sewn fabric of the artist’s fondness of wordplays, neutrality and oriental colours brought together to emphasize vantage point’s innate propensity to split and form hatches of contradictions. It also underpins his previous “Atensiyon” and “Points Of View” collections. The artist flouts the social convention by merging chaos and order that often results to boggled minds and layered secrets. After his successful debut year in an artist-run gallery in Basel that was also followed by a solo and a group exhibit in other galleries, the artist entered the art world’s international stage when he represented Switzerland and The Philippines at the recently concluded 14th Biennale Internazionale Dell’Arte Contemporanea or Florence Biennale last October in Italy. Arlo Jake Lagmay is currently represented by Eleven Ten Studio (artist-run gallery) in Basel. His works are collected by private individuals in Brazil, Switzerland, The Philippines and The United States.

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