Art exhibition Gallery 10

01 April 2023 - 10 April 2023

01 April 2023

10:00 - 22:00

02 April 2023

10:00 - 22:00

03 April 2023

10:00 - 22:00
Suvretta House, Via Chasellas 1

Works by Sara Masüger - Patricia Koysova - Zak van Biljon - Bernard Garo - Bruno Ritter - Roland Pangrati - Stano Cerny.

Gallery 10 is located in the heart of the village of St. Moritz, not far from the famous Café Hanselmann.

The young gallery, which opened in winter 2019, presents a diverse program of international designers and local art, showcasing artwork by both established and emerging artists.

The gallery strives to offer visitors a special visual experience, as St. Moritz is a shining point of reference for art and culture when one thinks of names like Giacometti, Segantini, Nietzsche and many others, not to mention the diversity of people who stay in St. Moritz temporarily or permanently.

The two main seasons - winter and summer - are dedicated to international artists, while in the off-season the podium is reserved for local artists or those whose theme is the landscape and culture of the Engadine.

"Diversity, originality and curiosity are the most important elements of our philosophy".

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The mountain railways on the Corviglia will be in operation until April 10, 2023. On Corvatsch, the winter season lasts until April 23, 2023, and on Diavolezza until May 7, 2023.The TIME Magazine has listed St. Moritz among the 50 World's Greatest Places of 2023. Souvenir St. Moritz Volume 4 is a unique collaboration between two British artists: David Sims and Jake Chapman. Pre-order now in the shop.