ALASKA - Wilderness for beginners


05 March 2024

17:00 - 18:30
Forum Paracelsus, St. Moritz

This legendary region had always fascinated Annemarie Koelliker and Roberto Saibene. After long planning and a little heart palpitations, they set off on a unique journey.

In this region in the far north, nature is almost untamable and demands a spirit of adventure and a willingness to take risks from the visitor. The two authors have nevertheless dared a journey. During four weeks they drove with a motorhome on deserted roads and camped in endless forests. Already after a few days they could see that even "beginners" are welcome. The multivision show takes them through fantastically beautiful landscapes with glaciers plunging into the sea, imposing mountain ranges, idyllic lakes and a surprising array of flowers. Many images are also dedicated to the rich wildlife with black bears, moose, caribou and eagles. However, the most exciting moments are offered by the encounter with the legendary grizzly bears.

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The legendary Cinema Scala St. Moritz is open again. The TIME Magazine has listed St. Moritz among the 50 World's Greatest Places of 2023. At the new Hotel Grace La Margna modernity meets history and lifestyle meets tradition.The new exhibition at the St. Moritz Design Gallery displays photos from the 1920s, which have been colored using artificial intelligence.