About kings and saints in Zuoz


16 September 2024

13:45 - 15:15
Village tour in Zuoz. Meeting point in front of the Catholic church of Santa Chatrigna, Zuoz
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A special kind of village tour in Zuoz with a twinkle in the eye. Meeting point in front of the Catholic church of Santa Chatrigna in Zuoz.

Despite the centuries-old democratic tradition and the Reformation in 1554, Zuoz is home to a large number of kings and saints.

On a walk through Zuoz - with a good dose of tongue-in-cheek - we pay tribute to the kings and saints of Zuoz. We find these ladies and gentlemen in the churches and chapels of Zuoz, but also in the town hall, in a tunnel, on the roadside and elsewhere.

Walter Isler leads us on this somewhat special tour of the village. St Lucius, St Florinus and St Sebastian will be serenaded by Jürg Stocker on the organ and harmonium respectively. Meeting point is Monday, 16 September 2024 at 13:45 in front of the Catholic Church of Santa Chatrigna in Zuoz (at the village exit in the direction of S-chanf). Duration until approx. 15:15 in Zuoz. Free admission. No registration necessary.

Walter Isler came to Graubünden as a young chemist. After years in marketing, sales and management, he trained as a church guide after his retirement. He has been offering church and cultural tours in the Upper Engadine since 2021. He lives in Bever.

Jürg Stocker received his organ training from Ursula Hauser, Hansjörg Stalder and Ester Mottini. After years as an organist in Domleschg, Schams and Bergün, he has been organist in the reformed parish of the Upper Engadine since 2017, primarily in Samedan, Bever and La Punt Chamues-ch.


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