42nd Nietzsche Colloquium: How do we live with nihilism

28 September 2023 - 01 October 2023

28 September 2023

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29 September 2023

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30 September 2023

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Hotel Waldhaus

Friedrich Nietzsche did not invent the term nihilism, but he coined it.

It is often associated with "nothing is true, everything is permitted", with complete uncertainty and rulelessness, destructiveness and violence, and Nietzsche himself also emphasises its abysmal nature. For a long time, under the overpowering impression of Martin Heidegger´s interpretation, people searched for the "overcoming" of nihilism. Most recently, however, Nietzsche himself spoke of the "most fundamental nihilism" as a "normal state" that cannot be overcome. Can it be understood - with Nietzsche - as the state in which we now live: That the belief in unconditional certainties has become untrustworthy and most have lost faith in an absolute truth, that it, like other highest values, has become doubtful and we now have to live with it? As far as we can live with it, we have nevertheless found various forms to at least contain destruction and violence. But do we refuse to see the abysmal nature of nihilism, or does it not exist at all?

The colloquium is open to the public and is addressed not only to specialists, but to a generally interested audience.

The events - lectures, discussions, reading groups - can be attended individually.

Prices: Conference ticket CHF 180 (students CHF 50) / individual tickets CHF 20 (students CHF 10) / concert CHF 30 (students CHF 20).

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