19th Sils Art and Literature Tour Days: Reading by Wolfram Berger


23 August 2024

21:00 - 22:00
Sils, Sils
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Arthur Schnitzler’s novellas “The Son” and “The Day of Honor”

Wolfram Berger has been fascinated by Arthur Schnitzler's (1862-1931) work since his youth. For the reading as part of the Art and LiteraTour Days, he has selected two prose texts that particularly fascinate him. The Son is an early story that Schnitzler picked up again at a later date and developed into his last novel Therese. It is a criminal case in which the case is analyzed not by a detective inspector but by the narrating doctor, and the medical decision of conscience paves the "way to social jurisprudence": "… it is still far from clear enough how little we are allowed to want and how much we must." The Day of Honor is a novella about a supporting actor in a theater. Apart from the incredible accuracy of the characters described and the sensual sharpness of the narrative, which captivates you from the very beginning, Schnitzler has also written one of the most gripping stories about the theater with this text.

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