19th Sils Art and Literature Tour Days: Lecture by Prof. Dr Torsten Kratz


25 August 2024

10:00 - 11:30
Hotel Waldhaus, Sils
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The connection between art and psychology in music therapy for dementia.

"Life without music is simply a mistake" (Friedrich W. Nietzsche) Of all the arts, music, as a vital basic need, has a particularly deep and lasting effect on the body and soul. Art as a means of preserving memories and emotions is the starting point in music therapy for dementia in order to provide access to inner worlds of experience. Life changes fundamentally for people with dementia. Nevertheless, enjoyment and joy remain. It is important to find activities that maintain and improve the quality of life. Music is an important part of our biography and is stored in the brain in places that are initially less affected by dementia. Favorite music and sound are associated with positive experiences and feelings. Melodies can replace lost language. Rhythm brings the body into contact with reality. What can the creative combination of art and psychology do for people with dementia? The lecture aims to explore this question and provide insights into the emotional worlds of people with dementia in order to present the resulting interventions.

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