19th Sils Art and Literary Tour Days: Lecture by Joachim Jung


23 August 2024

16:30 - 17:45
Hotel Waldhaus Sils, Sils
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"Dear being, the possibilities are many" - Arthur Schnitzler in the Engadin

Arthur Schnitzler is 20 and has just passed his medical exam. In August 1882 he rewards himself with a trip that takes him to the Engadin for the first time. Only for 3 days, but long enough to inspect the cave of the Morteratsch glacier. 11 years later he gives up his job as a doctor in favour of writing, which he has always done in parallel. His interest in caves has not diminished, but in his work it is the hollow spaces of society, the labyrinthine ramifications and abysses of the soul, the dark zones of human passion, the masquerades of a sclerotic morality that the analytically sharpened eye of the doctor illuminates and answers with scandalous taboo violations. By 1913 Schnitzler was already the most frequently performed author on German-speaking stages. From then on his vacations in the Engadin - there are still 7 until 1930, a year before his death - become increasingly longer. And the hotels more comfortable. But here too, apart from long walks, hardly a day goes by without work. Schnitzler is also required to somehow balance the diverse emotional demands and vulnerabilities that arise from his complex personal network of relationships, in which several women are interwoven at the same time. His divorced wife, his girlfriend, his lover - they also accompany him to the Engadine. Is the latter extensive enough to spend a bit of a holiday with everyone without direct encounters and scenes of jealousy? The lecture reveals it.

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