19th Sils Art and Literary Tour Days

22 August 2024 - 25 August 2024

22 August 2024

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23 August 2024

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24 August 2024

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Different places in Sils, Sils

Enjoy four days in Sils with exciting lectures, readings and literary walks.

On the one hand, KLT 2024 focuses on the influence of psychoanalysis, especially Sigmund Freud's work "The Interpretation of Dreams" (1899), on two literary figures of Viennese modernism, Arthur Schnitzler and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, who - like Freud, incidentally - were Engadin guests. Among Freud's students and close confidants, the psychiatrist Karl Abraham should be mentioned, who also stayed several times in the Upper Engadine, namely at the Alpenrose Hotel in Sils. His examination of the life and work of Giovanni Segantini, the symbolist celebrated in Austria at the turn of the century, forms another thematic focus of the event. In 1911, Abraham published the study Giovanni Segantini. A Psychoanalytical Experiment, which had a lasting impact on the reception of the painter.

Programme: The detailed programme will follow in spring. The programme will then be available at www.sils.ch/klt.

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