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Short Nordic and Yoga Camps

Short Nordic and Yoga Camps


On the second Sunday morning in March, the starting signal for the Engadin Skimarathon will sound out in Maloja in the Upper Engadin. The largest sporting event in Switzerland attracts around 14,000 cross-country skiing enthusiasts to the Engadin every year.

St. Moritz Nordic – Cross-Country Skiing Centre St. Moritz is offering three short preparation camps in collaboration with various hotels and update Fitness St. Moritz Bad.

In this skating course, we tell you some tips and tricks and also provide you with invaluable information about skating technique, training, material and ski wax. Our cross-country ski professionals will show you the best way to prepare for the Engadin Skimarathon. Naturally, you can also attend the camps without taking part in the marathon.

The Short Camps are designed for moderately to very advanced cross-country skiers. A comprehensive training programme will be compiled for three different ability levels. In addition, variety is provided by three yoga sessions with qualified yoga instructors from update Fitness. Camp participants also have the opportunity to use the facilities at update Fitness Ovaverva St. Moritz Bad, as well as Ovaverva St. Moritz indoor pool and spa, free of charge.

The offer comprises:

  • 3 nights’ accommodation with half-board in one of the three participating hotels (Thursday–Sunday)
  • Cross-country skiing instruction for moderately to very advanced cross-country skiers in groups of three different ability levels by the St. Moritz Nordic School
  • Training in skating-style technique comprising 2 hours in the morning, 1.5 hours in the afternoon on Friday and Saturday, and 2 hours on Sunday morning
  • Includes all the necessary skating equipment from the St. Moritz Cross-Country Skiing Centre – Suvretta Sports Shop
  • Free ski storage at the Cross-Country Skiing Centre St. Moritz at Ovaverva
  • 3-day cross-country ski pass
  • Opening reception at the Cross-Country Skiing Centre St. Moritz
  • 3 yoga sessions with trained yoga instructors from update Fitness St. Moritz Bad in their course rooms
  • Free use of update Fitness St. Moritz Bad at Ovaverva
  • Free use of the Ovaverva indoor pool and spa (for guests at the Kempinski, in-house spa)
  • Communal fondue evening in the cosy Chamona Chalet St. Moritz
  • Quickcheck – information about ski equipment at the St. Moritz Cross-Country Skiing Centre

Camp dates:

  • 5–8 December 2019
  • 23–26 January 2020
  • 30 January–2 February 2020

Participating hotels: