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Christian Jott Jenny

Christian Jott Jenny

Christian Jott Jenny is a St. Moritzer by choice, founder of the Festival da Jazz in St. Moritz, singer, actor, creative. And since 2019 the mayor of St. Moritz.

St. Moritz: Christian, when was the first time you set foot in this town?

Christian: That took a while. As a child that grew up in the Zurich neighborhood Witikon, I had no connection to St. Moritz. It only started when I was asked to come to the valley and waken the quite sleepy summertime by producing several jazz concerts.

Do you remember the sentiment you had back then regarding St. Moritz?
Well, of course I was aware of St. Moritz’s standing and history, but whereas winter is a sparkling season here, the summer was really rather boring. So I said to myself: “It should be possible to fill this wonderful time of year with life!”

So, over the last thirteen years, you’ve created a five-week jazz festival with more than 70 shows in several locations. Is that a “typical” event in the valley or could you have done it anywhere else, too?

I couldn’t say for certain. To produce a festival such as this, you need money. I met enough generous people here and enough sponsors ready to join me. Of course, it helped that the brand St. Moritz is a very attractive label to be associated to.

Do you view St. Moritz differently since you are the mayor of St. Moritz?
Above all, I see more. I still enjoy the unique vibe of St. Moritz, but I got more acquainted with the more hands-on parts. Nevertheless, I was actually aware of some of the inside-politics of St. Moritz before becoming mayor.

What do you like best about St. Moritz, about the valley?
A wide valley with mountains, lakes and fresh air … what’s there not to love? St. Moritz has an amazing history which transcends into the present. It’s a part that’s everlasting, tourists come to experience it and locals are rightfully proud of it.

Do you still have any free time? If yes, how do you spend it? Yes, I do treat myself to some free time. I like to spend it outdoors with my kids, with friends. Good food and good conversation is all I need.

What do you wish for the future of St. Moritz?
I want St. Moritz to stay a beacon of tourism while taking care of our precious environment. I want us to be fearless, to try new things, and – if we fail - to learn from it and keep moving forward.

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