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St. Moritz has always been a source of inspiration for artists, authors and thinkers. The lavish Alpine resort has long been established on the inter-national art scene and ranks in the top league alongside other major players.

The renowned Cologne gallery Karsten Greve selected the luxury holiday resort for its second location in 1999, and many others have since fol-lowed suit. Today, St. Moritz is home to numerous internationally active galleries and can hold its own in comparison with artistic centres such as Venice and Vienna.

Karsten Greve, St. Moritz
Karsten Greve, St. Moritz

From Hauser & Wirth to the Vito Schnabel Gallery and the Karsten Greve gallery – in St. Moritz, art is just as much a part of the setting as the ever-present ‘Champagne climate’. The remarkable density of international art galleries is complemented by art events such as Engadin Art Talks and NOMAD St. Moritz. This variety attracts international attention and draws in a wide range of art aficionados.

The St. Moritz Design Gallery in the Serletta car park alone welcomes a million visitors every year. In its 31 illuminated display cabinets, passers-by can marvel at a wide range of exhibitions showcasing significant posters and photographs all year round. The St. Moritz Art Academy, mean-while, offers study programmes in the fine arts. In late winter and in summer, the charitable foundation also runs courses led by internationally influential artists.

Karsten Greve, St. Moritz
Halde Galerie, St. Moritz
Hauser & Wirth, St. Moritz
Atelier Giada Bianchi, St. Moritz
St. Moritz and its art galleries – a love story of international calibre


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