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Amusements on the Lake

Amusements on the Lake

Ice skating, curling, cross-country skiing, winter golf, skijöring and more…, carefree fun in the sun on Lake St. Moritz.

St. Moritz keeps the spirits high. The Lake St. Moritz has plenty of space and is ideally suited to soaking up the sun, getting exercise and breathing fresh air – all while maintaining physical distance. Let's have fun on the lake.

Ice skating & Skijöring

The centrepiece of the “Amusements on the Lake” is an ice rink roughly one kilometre long, which is prepared daily for skating. The 400-meter racetrack also on the lake, invites to challenge each other on the skates. Put on your cross-country ski and cross the frozen lake on the freshly groomed trails or just go for a stroll on the prepared hike trails. Not enough? There will be a hockey rink, a curling rink and a small village with deck chairs, music and food vendors to relax in the winter sun. Still not enough? You might enjoy a lesson of Skikjöring; That's where the horse pulls you on your skis.

Amusements on the Lake

Make the best of it.

The little village is ideal for small events too. Ready for ice discos, the Long Drive Golf Clinic by Badrutt's Palace with coach Ilija Djurdevic (EU Long Drive Golf Champion), a small version of The ICE, … ? No matter how the situation progresses, we have found a way to make the best of it with our myriad “Amusements on the Lake”.

*all offers subject to change according to Covid-19 restrictions. #besafeinstmoritz
November 2020