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… you can find Val Bregaglia, the idyllic valley that connects Graubünden with Italy. Alberto Giacometti was born in Bregaglia, and the valley has inspired many other artists like Giovanni Segantini with its rugged beauty. It is worth a visit any time of year, but many say it is the most spectacular in autumn.

One order of nature to go, please!

Wander through some of Europe's most extensive chestnut groves before tasting various culinary chestnut creations, from jams to cakes to liquor.

Cultural heritage to be admired

Visit Giacometti's atelier in Stampa, and then head next door to the Ciäsa Granda Museum that exhibits his work, along with pieces by Varlin and Segantini.

Tradition to celebrate

Join the Chestnut Festival 2021. From the 25th of September until the 24th of October, the Engadine celebrate the sweet chestnut. It has long played an important role as a chrisis-proof food in our southern valley of the Swiss Alps.

February 2021
Engadin St. Moritz AG
St. Moritz