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Bernina Granturismo photo exhibition at El Paradiso

Ab Samstag, 14.3.2020 , 17.00 Uhr, vorerst bis 30. April 2020, 24.00 Uhr bleiben alle Museen, Bibliotheken und Galerien geschlossen.

This year, the famous ex-Formula 1 driver Hans Joachim Stuck drove in his father’s car, an Austro Daimler from the late 1920s. This Austro Daimler with the “Bergmeister” on the steering wheel won the fist Bernina Granturismo in 1929. A LEICA racing team amongst others with Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Leica Camera AG at the wheel, and Kurt Engelhorn, the initiator of the relaunch of this extraordinary race with his Jaguar D-Type from the late 1950s, were also present on the race track. All shown photographs are for sale in a limited edition.

Offen: ab 20.12.2019 bis 13.04.2020 
Montag - Samstag 08.00 - 16.30 Uhr